My World Is A Fairytale

My world is a fairytale filled with many characters

I was created with the ability to imagine

So my fairytale begins as a child

I have beliefs in my head, which create my story

My fairytale is my story that’s filled with self-deception

I represent every character that resides in my fairytale land

Like all fairytales, mine consist of love and evil

The child within me must look at the story I created

in order to win the battle

What is the battle

Believing in good and evil

The dark one lives within me seeking what she didn’t receive

Her name could be Cruella, Wicked Queen, Big Bad Wolf,

Rumplestilskin, Scar, or Captain Hook

Pick a name

It does not matter

For she uses curses and spells on others to ease her pain

I choose to be the lost princess bound by

the wicked stepmother and mean stepsisters

Or Snow White believing an Evil Queen has a power to destroy her

as she’s praying for magic to come in the form of being rescued by a kiss

In order to escape my fairytale I must look at my grievances

My child within has the only power to break the spell

She is given help from a character, which resides deep within her

Every fairy tale has teachers of love and evil

My teacher of love appears as Mufasa

Mufasa teaches me to be like Ariel who powerfully swims through the sea

As I run into obstacles, the mighty lion is always there to help with a lesson

My lessons are given with a gentle or stern voice of love

My lessons guide me as I go forth to create a new story without fear

At any given moment I may fall into a portal of evil

seeing that I chose to ignore the wisdom I was given

I must remember the gifts I pushed away

This knowledge helps me find my way back to the land of milk and honey

so I can become a strong and loving being to help others

~Pam Holzknecht

One of my favorite TV shows to watch and learn from is “Once Upon A Time”, which airs Sunday evenings at 7:00 on ABC.   If you’ve never seen this show, I highly recommend watching from the beginning.  The show is in their second season.  The first season is on DVD and there might be other ways to watch the season without purchasing the series, such as Netflix.

The premise – Fairytale characters are banished from their world by a spell from one of the evil characters and frozen in time while trapped in a small town in Maine.   The show goes back and forth from fairytale world to our world.

“Once Upon A Time” is filled with gifts, such as none of us were created evil, our evil acts come from our beliefs and feelings and we are always given another opportunity to choose love over fear and good over evil.

We all have a story and within our story are many stories.  Our life is a story.  My story is no different than the fairytale stories.  I’ve acted like all the characters by expressing love and fear as well as good and evil.  Evil comes in many forms such as judging another, saying unkind words, having unkind thoughts, bullying another as well as yourself, gossiping, lying, expressing self-righteousness and believing one is better than another.  I’ve acted in all these different forms.  My intention is to see when I do therefore the next time I’m given the opportunity I can choose differently.  Our ugliness comes forth because we’ve accepted certain beliefs.  I believe there is beauty in all people regardless what one has said or done because we were created from Love.  Our beauty is expressed in many ways too, such as giving to others without expectations, forgiving others and yourself, kind acts, words, and thoughts.

For me, life is about uncovering my beliefs, learning how to change my beliefs that keep my true being in darkness, willing to see when I act from fear, looking at the ways I acted evil and choosing to show up from love the next time around.  Life is learning, growing, and knowing our greatness.

More to come…


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