About Me

Hi, my name is Pam.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog site.

Several years ago, I remember having this thought, is this what life is all about…being born, feeling unhappy, believing most of the time I’m struggling, getting old and then dying.  Around the same period of time I remember asking myself two questions and they were, “How can you love someone one minute and then can’t stand them the next” and “Why is life such a struggle.”  As I was wanting to know the answers to these questions, I also I had a prayer that I would say whenever I served Eucharist at the Catholic Church I was attending.  My prayer would go like this…”Let me be a blessing to those who come up to me or help me send love to all those who come to me.”  Little did I know what was coming my way after having my thought, asking myself those two questions and saying my prayer.  My whole world was turned upside down!

You may be wondering what my blog will be about.  As of this moment, I plan to share things I’ve learned on emotional healing, share food recipes and poetry.  The poems are written by me and have come through me during this turbulent time.  I see that beauty comes during times of chaos we only have to be willing to recognize this.

A little more about me…I grew up in Texas and I’m still here.  I have two adult children.  Things I enjoy doing…painting, writing, reading, sculpting from clay, cooking, baking, eating good healthy food, watching movies to learn and for entertainment, walking, swimming (during the hot summer months), being in nature, feeding the birds and watching them outside my window, sharing gifts that I’ve received on emotional healing and my knowledge with Pilates on the reformer, tower and EXO chair.




21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good Day Pam, Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post regarding my favorite movie, I appreciate your visit and hopefully you will find other reasons to visit in the future. Your “About Me” touched me, I have found myself asking variations of those same questions. I haven’t found the answers to either yet, and I haven’t found the guidance to get there, but should I find the answers I will share them with you. Please take care, Bill

    1. Hi Bill. Thank you for sharing. I have the answer to my thought and questions and I’ve realized the power of prayer. I’ve learned as soon as we ask ourselves a question we receive the answers immediately (it’s the same as asking oneself where are my keys, wallet or purse). The question is, do we want to hear what we receive or are our ears open to hear immediately. At the moment I do not remember what I received after asking myself those two questions and I’m so sure if my ears were open, I dismissed what I heard. My prayer has been answered. People and books have crossed my path to help me on my spiritual journey. I see that I had to undo beliefs and patterns that I accepted for myself to emotionally heal. In order for me to send love to those who come to me and to be a blessing I had to learn about my true self, which is like the Creator while at the same time relinquishing the me I think I am. Changing myself has been the hardest thing I’ve done as I continue on my path. I’ve learned the true meaning of love and compassion and this I’m grateful for. Blessings to you Bill. Pam

  2. Good to know you Pam! In today’s turbulent and complex world Emotional health and well being assumes great importance. I consider myself a student of spiritual and emotional development and try to practice and learn. I look forward to some useful insights in you blog.


    1. Good to know you Dilip. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking some of my poems. I am a practicing spiritual student as well. I believe students are teachers as teachers are students. I use to believe a teacher knew everything on their subject and learned this isn’t so, just like the story you posted on “Humility.” Namaste. Pam

    1. Hi Paulette. Happy New Year to you. Thank you for thinking of me. I am well. I miss blogging as well as reading my fellow bloggers post! One of my prayers, is that I have the opportunity to write and blog again this year! Pam 🙂

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