What is Courage

Courage is revealing oneself to the unknown and

the familiar, it’s taking the familiar having the courage

to see differently by trusting something new

to become better, wiser and stronger.

Courage comes with practice and letting go of self-righteousness.

Courage is being a part of society by helping others.

Courage is giving something you want for yourself to another.

Courage is the willingness to understand unkind thoughts,

spoken words and actions towards another are about you not them.

Courage is letting go of labels, seeing everyone as

equals and accepting all as your family.

Courage is taking a judgmental belief about yourself and others

and replacing it with a new one not only once but each time the

judgmental thought occurs until the old belief is gone.

Courage is being honest with your thoughts, words and actions

as well as being open to see when your not.

Courage is having an open mind and accepting of others.

Courage is willing to learn, surrendering the need to control and

letting go of knowing what’s best for others and yourself.

Courage is expressing compassion instead of condemning.

Courage isn’t a one-time thing; it’s having it in every experience

of your life until it’s no longer needed.

~Pam Holzknecht


2 thoughts on “What is Courage

  1. Beautiful insights on “Courage”! I would love to share some of these in my “Leadership Development” programs.

    Many thanks & cheers 🙂

    1. Thank you, Dilip. Yes, please share. Since I’ve been on my spiritual journey, I’ve said many prayers for easier understanding and I believe my poems and some of my writings came through me because of these prayers. I am the first recipient and have learned to share what I’ve received and then those who want to know will follow.
      You are welcome and cheers to you! 🙂

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