Transformation brings simplicity to my life
Transformation requires me to have an empty bowl
Transformation is uncovering my secrets, which are my judgments
Transformation is looking at my false self, so
I can learn to live from my true self
Transformation requires me to feel, not get caught in the feeling
Transformation is letting go of my self-righteousness,
Replacing it with gratitude
Transformation cannot be done alone
Transformation is a process, seeing everyone as my helper
Transformation is forgiving myself
Transformation is the willingness to look at my beliefs and patterns
Transformation requires me to let go of guilt and punishment
Transformation is the willingness to learn something new,
Act from what I learned
Transformation is seeing the world with a new pair of eyes,
Allowing a higher source to work through me by saying yes, I accept
Transformation requires me to be honest and obedient
Transformation may look ugly at times,
Although God sees beauty, I am freeing myself from my pain and suffering
Transformation is freedom
Transformation is living from peace and joy,
Remembering the Love, which created me
~Pam Holzknecht

4 thoughts on “Transformation

    1. You are so welcome. Thank you. I must say changing myself has been wonderful and not easy. One must have determination, courage (until no longer needed), strength and compassion. I’ve given up on more than one occasion and after doing so find myself back on the path. I began this work in my mid to late forties. I was unconscious to the many years of rejecting myself and wanting to blame others for my emotional pain. Learning this is freedom. The most important key is to feel, which at times I struggle with. When one is aware of their feelings, they can find out what they believe and not react as well as change their belief. This poem like all my others has come through me while on my spiritual journey of change. 🙂

  1. Transformation is having the way we think about things changed from false beliefs to truth. (Romans 12:2). Knowing truth makes us free (John 8:32). Jesus is the Truth (John 14:6). Therefore, transformation comes from getting to know Jesus. He’s simply amazing!

    I’ve been on the same road to recovery as you – for almost 40 years! I guess I travel slower than most. It’s been an amazing journey of discovery and growth. I’m so glad that you’re being set free. It’s well worth the work, isn’t it? \o/

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