Painting and Learning

The past four years I’ve been learning the art of painting and during these four years I’d hear the soft voice in my head guided me to paint certain people.  As I look back I’m grateful that I was obedient.  I see the struggle I experienced during the process; not only was I to paint a picture of these people (Virgin Mary, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Mary Magdalene) but also learn about them.  I continue with my learning.  After hearing to paint a picture of Jesus on the cross, I settled on an image and began making the painting my own.

I see why I was led to paint this image of the crucifixion.  Like all things if we are willing to learn as to why we are being led or drawn to something, we can receive many gifts.  People judged Jesus because they believed He was guilty for His beliefs, teachings and the miracles He performed.  I see that I’m no different than those who judged Jesus.  This painting is a reminder to me of people I’ve passed judgment on because of my own self-righteousness.  In a sense, I’ve placed people on my personal cross.  And the only way to be free is to take down the people I’ve placed there along with myself.  The people I’ve put up there are also a reminder of the judgments I have toward myself.  If we believe someone is guilty than punishment follows.  When we judge, the punishment may be withholding love, speaking unkindly about the person in your mind and or to others, being in agreement with another’s judgment and while judging and punishing someone else then we do not have to look at our self.

What if I lived during the time Jesus walked the earth.  Would I be the one saying crucify him or would I choose to follow Jesus.  As I look back on my life and how I’ve shown up and I choose to be honest, then, I’d be apart of the pack saying, crucify him.  Although now I do my best to follow His teachings as I continue to learn, practice and heal.  In order to heal emotional, I’ve had to take a real good look at myself and I mean be willing to lay it all out.  I’ve felt much pain while going through the process.  I fully understand and know how one feels hitting rock bottom as well as the saying, the person hasn’t felt enough pain yet, in order to pick them self up and set them self free of their belief of guilt, deserving punishment and unworthiness.  We become addicted to people wanting to save and rescue us and what we do not realize is these people that we are addicted to do not know how because they are addicted to the same thing we are.   Instead we learn to withhold love, give with conditions, believe we are better than others, only help those who make us look good (using others) and while doing all this we believe we are compassionate.

Jesus new His true identity and He taught that every person walking on this planet is created the same as Him.  Jesus taught that we all come from the same Source.  Jesus taught two of the greatest commandments, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.”  and  “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:36-40 KJV.   Jesus taught us how to empower ourselves.  Jesus gave away what He received from God.  Jesus taught how to pray.  He expressed compassion for each and every being.  Jesus taught forgiveness because  He realizes that people think and act from their wrong mind of eye for an eye, let me inflict pain on you since you’re the cause of my feelings of pain.  We also act from our wrong mind because we’ve accepted beliefs about ourselves and others that are lies.  Jesus doesn’t give up on people by believing they’ll never change or because the person made a decision, which didn’t support them or another.  Jesus was willing to go through whatever to teach the truths of our Creator.  He is one of our greatest spiritual teachers.


Holzknecht crucifixion final corrected


4 thoughts on “Painting and Learning

    1. Yes, I too would have wanted to be at the feet of Jesus. What matters most is this moment and that I’m aware of which voice I’m listening to and if I’m not listening to the voice of Love, Jesus, than I got work to do! By the way I enjoyed your post “Daily Affirmations”. The youtube “Jessica’s Affirmations” is precious and I liked the quote from Anthony de Mello who I wasn’t familiar with. I googled, read and watched a youtube on one of his lectures. Thank you!

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