Poem ~ We are Jewels

Someone said,
she is a jewel
Could that be
I never saw myself as a treasure
or a precious pearl
My sight and thoughts
revealed displeasure
I am here to know,
this gem hidden deep within
The journey has been long
I’m determined to climb the mountain
With each step,
I face my demons
The beast inside is the cause,
to why my sapphire appears dull
In order for the jewel to be seen and sparkle,
I must look at all my darkness, then
I  begin the process of seeing some glimmer
My jewel is with me while ascending the path
I choose to achieve the top of mountain
I’m determined to sparkle with radiant light
We are beautiful jewels in different colors and sizes
Some are dull, some glimmer, some sparkle
and some ooze LIGHT
while shining all day and night 
-Pam Holzknecht

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