Poem ~ What If

What if you were willing to see your family,
friends, acquaintances, and strangers as your helpers.
Would you embrace their very being?
What if you behold all you experiences as gifts.
Would you be eager to accept them with gratitude?
What if you took every hateful thought
and spoken word and replaced it with love and kindness.
Do you think there would be a war within and without?
What if you learned that every person
is here to help you remember your true being.
Would you accept each person unconditionally who crossed
your path or came into your consciousness?
What if you perceived having free will has a blessing
to learn, expand your consciousness and grow as a
spiritual being instead of using it to punish and condemn.
Would you choose your words and actions with compassion?
What if you perceived God as an All Loving Father,
who doesn’t punish, have favorites or see us as sinners
and gives help immediately when asked.
Would you desire to know Him and yourself?
What if you look upon everyone as your brother and sister
as well as expressing gratitude every moment of each day.
Would you experience peace and joy?
What if you contemplated over every word you just read
and made a choice to live by what has been given to me.
Do you think your world would change?
For I have learned, when I change myself, the world around me changes
and this is heaven.
~Pam Holzknecht

I was brought up believing that heaven is a place one goes (if they’re lucky) when one physically leaves their body.  Since I’ve been on my spiritual journey, I believe one can experience heaven while in their physical body.  I believe Heaven is a state of pure joy and peace. Heaven is knowing and seeing God.  We can experience heaven in our day-to-day lives by seeing God in action through our brothers and sisters.  The Creator works through us so we may come to know Him.  I use to view God as this big ghostly white spirit in the shape of a man, which I couldn’t see who sat on a cloud in the sky.  Now I’m open to see God everywhere such as nature, animals, mountains, oceans, sky, stars, planets, and people.  God created all these things so He must be in all these things.  I’m learning that God is constantly revealing Himself to me.  The question is am I open to see and when I do, am I expressing gratitude.

During my turbulent times of growing and wanting to change, I see there is a purpose for why I’m on this planet.  I’m here to experience life, to learn, express compassion, forgiveness and kindness, accept myself and others, give without conditions, create, smile, laugh, dance, sing, experience peace and joy.  I finally see that whatever is going on inside of me like turmoil, fear, anger, and rage plays a part with what is happening in my daily life, such as my day-to-day experiences and the health of my body.

I realize I haven’t fully wrapped my arms around all that I’ve learned to help me change as well as been grateful for what I’ve been given through my poetry.  I do see and accept to be true that whatever is inner is outer.  Meaning, whatever is going on inside of me such as my thoughts, feelings and beliefs will produce my every day experiences.  I also see that God has answered my prayers and cries for help only not in the way I wanted them to be answered.

Last night, I wanted to watch something with humor because I knew feeling joy and laughing could help with what I’m personally going through.  A couple of nights ago I heard to watch “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey (news reporter) and Morgan Freeman (portrays God).  I looked in a cabinet where I had some of my DVD’s and lo and behold I saw “Bruce Almighty.”  To my surprise I didn’t realize that I had this movie, which might belong to one of my adult children.  As soon as began watching, I immediately laughed in the first few scenes. I believe God speaks to us through movies because God is working through the writers and all those who are involved in bringing the movie to life.  God spoke to me last night and even before I watched the movie I knew I would experience laughter and had the opportunity to receive valuable messages.  Here are some quotes I’d like to share from the movie, “No matter how filthy something gets, you can clean it right up.” (This quote speaks loudly to me) and “How do you make somebody love you without affecting free will?” “Welcome to my world son, you come up with an answer to that one, you let me know.”

When I saw this movie for the first time, back in 2003 many of the messages went in one ear and out the other!  Needless to say, I’m GRATEFUL for what I received last night and if I were to watch this again later (as long as I’m open to receive) I’d have another opportunity to express GRATITUDE!  There are many gifts one can accept from this movie and here are a few…reflects my poem, our purpose of why we are here on earth, we can experience God in our daily lives, actions speak louder than words, we create our daily experiences, no matter what hand you dealt yourself things can be rectified as long as you are willing to do the work and we’ve always had the power to experience heaven on earth we’ve only forgotten.



9 thoughts on “Poem ~ What If

  1. I love movies with a religious theme like Bruce Almighty. Morgan Freeman made the whole movie for me. I hope that you’ve seen “Oh, God” with George Burns. There are so many great quotes from that one. I also recently ran across “Almost an Angel” with Paul Hogan that I thought was going to be really hokey but then has stuck with me. Keep up the good work! I threw you a shout-out from On The Square.

    1. Thank you, Beth. I’ve seen “Oh, God” although I was in my teens so I do not remember much of the movie and I haven’t seen “Almost an Angel.” I will look for the movie. I’m grateful for the shout-out.

  2. Thank you seeker for your words. Thank you God, He doesn’t give up. I know He’s had to speak more than twice on many occasions! By the way, I’ve enjoyed your post!

    1. Thank you Paulette. My poems have come through me and not by making a point to sit down and write them. Many times over the past couple of years, I prayed for a simpler way of understanding what I’ve been learning…I get in my head and think too much. A few words would come to me and then the rest would flow from my mind (no thinking)! I’m grateful for your like and comment because I see that I must read this poem many times today and perhaps over the next several days because of changes I’m going through. Blessings to you! Pam

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