Continued from last post “Relentless Chatter”

When my mind is free from my ego chatter, I can experience peace and receive messages from the Creator.  The messages could be answers to questions I’ve asked myself, or guiding me to take action on something I want to accomplish or to go buy something that I am to give someone or go see someone because the Creator is guiding me to speak words of love and or help them do something or perhaps give someone a compliment because I heard within that I like something about that person.  When we are guided to do something from our higher consciousness, we must learn to let go of fear and be obedient because we are the instruments of the Creator.  If we are willing to let the Creator work through us our life will flow in harmony.

Let’s say your boss was guided to give you a bonus and your boss was obedient to the guidance.  You received the bonus and you heard to buy something that you’ve been wanting.  You go purchase the item or items and the sales person that helped you; shared that they work on commission and thanked you because their sales had been low for the month and because of your purchase they had the extra money to buy something their child needed or pay their bills.  We never know how something will come that is helping us on our journey of life.  Our journey of life is learning we are all an expression of love, we are all beautiful and we are all cared for.  This is a truth and a gift I’ve been given, which I’m choosing to hold on to because this is a step and a key in order to experience the Creator.  I am in this physical body so I may know and feel God.

Another key I’ve been given…In order to know and feel God, I must stop listening to my ego chatter.  I cannot hear the voice of God if I’m listening to my ego. When being present becomes an intention along with daily practice of uncovering what your ego wants to hold onto; you can begin to replace guilt and punishment with love and eventually peace within is something you long for and then experience.  Becoming aware of the non-stop chatter in your head is a gift you can give yourself.

Resources that can help you relinquish the chatter.

  • Focus on your breathing by feeling the air going in and out of your body and feeling your chest expand as air comes into the body
  • Ring a bell (the sound of the bell clears the stale, stagnant or contaminated energies)
  • Read an inspirational or spiritual book such as memoir, autobiography, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay or The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson
  • Turn on music such as instrumental or uplifting no woe is me music
  • Think of the Creator and all His attributes
  • Say affirmations
  • Uncover what you’re thinking and believing by asking yourself questions
  • Think of things you are grateful for
  • Practice a five-minute meditation

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