Poem ~ Soul Mate

Is your soul mate the person you married or the one you divorced
Are they your mother, father or child 
Is he or she your best friend or coworker 
Perhaps your soul mate is the person you don’t know
who passed you during the day or you uttered cruelly to 
Could your soul mate be the person who spoke unkindly to you
or took the life of another’s body
Maybe your soul mate is experiencing homelessness or in a penitentiary
Is he or she the one you stare at because they look different than you
There isn’t one soul mate for each person
We are all soul mates to one another regardless
of race, gender or language we speak
Each of us is a teacher and student to one another while we are here on earth 
Each person whether they come into your consciousness
or you have physical contact with is baring gifts 
The gifts are opportunities to see your true self or your false self
So embrace each person because God created us all
And we are all an extension of Him
~Pam Holzknecht

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