Heart and Love

February is American Heart Month as well as the month when we celebrate Valentines Day.  CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website has a list of things one can do to help prevent heart disease.  The nine things listed are, eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly, monitor your blood pressure, don’t smoke, limit alcohol use, have your cholesterol checked, manage your diabetes and take your medicine.

I believe there is another important key in having a healthy heart and that is LOVING YOURSELF.  When we love ourselves, we glow, we are joyful and peaceful, we express compassion and we are forgiving.  When we love ourselves we do not seek love from another and instead give love unconditionally.   I believe LOVE heals.

Many countries across the world celebrate Valentines Day.  We give our loved ones flowers, cards, candy, jewelry, romantic dinners, special breakfast or lunches, kisses and hugs, and say the three little words I Love You.  We use this day to express love to others.  The question is do we express love to ourselves.  Since I’ve been on my journey of healing emotionally, I’ve come to understand I cannot love another unconditionally unless I love myself.  Some days I stand in front of a mirror and say I love you with a smile and some days I look into the mirror with tears and struggle to say I Love You.  My tears are a reminder that I continue to have healing work to do.

I didn’t grow up learning to love myself.  I grew up learning I must love others and wanting others to love me.  I learned by doing for others than I’d be loved so what happens when you do something for another and you do not feel or receive love in return?  I began feeling resentment and anger because I believed I wasn’t worthy and this didn’t support my true being.  My true being began life as a little bundle of joy ready, willing and wanting to experience all that the Creator created me to be.

With this being Heart Month and Valentines day approaching, can you look in the mirror and say I love You not once but several times with a smile while wrapping your arms around yourself and better yet can you do this in your birthday suit?  Another question, Can you look in the mirror with a genuine beautiful smile and say I Love You right after passing judgment on another?

Our hearts are the center of our core being and the color white when blood isn’t pumping through.  The color white represents purity, innocence, wholeness, light, goodness, humility, faith and beginning.  Give yourself a gift by loving and accepting yourself first and then you will be free to love and accept everyone.

♥ Pam


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