Forgotten Conversation

Before I was born into my physical being,
I had a conversation with the Creator.
The Creator asked…
What adventures, skills, knowledge and wisdom would
you like to learn and share with the world?
My reply…
I would like to paint beautiful pictures of objects and people.
I would like to travel and see the world.
I would like to know more about you, the Creator of all the Universes.
I would like to know and experience compassion, forgiveness,
gratitude and faith.
I would like to write what I’ve learn on my journey and
share what I have come to know with the world.
I would like to be a teacher of your truths.
The Creator’s reply…
All right, you have much to learn, experience and accomplish.
I am going to send your brothers and sisters to help you.
Your brothers and sisters will be family, friends, beings you do not know,
classmates, teachers, co-workers and a husband.
These brothers and sisters will already be on earth before you
to help Me prepare the beginnings of you adventure.
After you are married, I will give you more brothers and sisters whom will
be your children, more friends, new beings whom you do not know,
co-workers, teachers and students.
In the beginning of your life you will forget our conversation and perhaps
some of your adventures will appear challenging as well as disheartening.
Do not forget all of your experiences are to help you learn and
accomplish what you desire.
As you get older, you may remember some of our conversation
because you’ll have deep desires within your being to do certain things.
If you forget, do not worry because I’m within you as well as within
every being along your path to help you remember and show you the way.
If you take a detour, and you’re willing to get back on the path I will help you.
I created you in my image and we are always connected; you can call upon
me at any time for I am your biggest fan who is ready and waiting to assist.
I have given you free will so anytime during your journey you have choices.
When you choose to disregard my help and give up during your journey,
you’ll experience emotional pain, believe you are lost and feel confused.
There may be times you’ll want to leave your physical body.
You can do so, although you will have to face the things you ran away
from as well as the things you didn’t learn on your journey.
Live in the present moment; do not think about the past or the future
because all this thinking will cause you trouble.
You’ll have the ability to hear my voice within to guide you at all times.
You’ll also experience another voice, which is not mine.
This voice, which is your voice, will lead you astray,
tell you lies and cause turmoil within.
You must be courageous and have faith.
All your brothers and sisters who are there to help you are also
on earth to know themselves and their greatness just as you.
The joy and excitement you are feeling at this moment about your new
life on earth will stay with you as long as you are always willing to learn.
Have fun and if you forget these feelings of excitement
you have forgotten all that you wanted to learn and experience.
Earth is a place of duality.
You’ll experience the opposites of many things.
This will help you remember your true state of love.
There are a couple of more things I’d like to mention…
While you are on earth there will be many religions and
several names that I am known for.
A name is only a symbol and doesn’t describe one’s true being.
Respect them all, one isn’t better than another just as all your
brothers and sisters are equal to you.
~Pam Holzknecht

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