Poem ~ We Enter A World

We enter a world, which is flawed,
although we are created from perfection.
We enter a world filled with pain and
suffering, yet we condemn those who have
acted from their pain and suffering.
We enter a world with a mother and father
who came to learn from their mother and father.
We enter a world innocent however our innocence
is taken by guilt and punishment.
We enter a world with judgments, defenses and lies
by holding on to them so we can be right.
We enter a world with a plan only to be sabotaged by fear.
We enter a world to know thy true self by
experiencing our false self.
We enter a world with free will
given a choice to change or stay the same.
Although, we’ve come to this imperfect world
we can be the light by being students and teachers
and learning from those who know freedom.
We can leave this world knowing our greatness
only by our own salvation.
~Pam Holzknecht

Since we were made in the image of the Creator, than each of us is created from perfection.  What is perfect?  What I believe is perfect may not be perfect to someone else.  We are given images of what the perfect body looks like, which probably began with one person’s belief.  If we believe we do not have that perfect body, we judge others and ourselves.  I believe we’ve all come here looking different because perfection comes in many different forms just as the beauty of birds and flowers.  This world is flawed because of our own judgments.  Even though we all look different, we were all created with the same attributes of unconditional giving and love, compassion, all knowing, powerful, abundant, creative, joyful and peaceful.

Two childhood beliefs that I accepted for myself are not being good enough and that I was stupid.  These two beliefs have sabotaged things I’ve wanted to do because I held onto these beliefs consciously and unconsciously, as I grew older and into my adult years.  These are only two of many beliefs, which I’ve accepted.  When a child accepts false beliefs such as he or she is stupid and or not good enough than as the child grows they continue believing he or she is unworthy and not capable of being successful or living a life he or she imagines because the belief hasn’t been broken.  The only way to stop the cycle is by accepting new beliefs by practicing them and working through the fears then eventually the old beliefs will diminish.  Our pain and suffering begins as soon as we’ve accepted beliefs for ourselves that are lies and go against our natural state.  The pain and suffering continues from one generation to another until someone in the family is strong enough to break the cycle and learn the truth that we are all created from perfection no matter what act one has done against another and themselves.

Each of us is innocent when we are born.  No one is born evil, unkind, greedy, ugly, judgmental, unworthy, a bully, or stupid.  All these beliefs and acts are learned from others.  I remember times when I blamed others for why I turned out the way I did until I realized no one can teach me what they haven’t accepted for themselves.  I understand and see that parents and caregivers do the best they know how.  If we learned to love and accept ourselves instead of seeking this from others, change would begin to happen.  Love isn’t something we need to seek, love is who we are.  We were all created kind, smart and important.  From the movie “The Help”, Aibileen told Mae Mobley “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”  If we didn’t grow up hearing these words, we can tell them to ourselves along with doing our best to express them and eventually we show up more from our true self.

I believe in order to know our true being, we get wake up calls and the wake up call can come from wanting to know why one is here because their life is unfulfilled or experiencing emotional or physical pain or a tragedy or perhaps an illness.  These are chances for us to wake up from the beliefs we choose to hold onto that go against the laws of our Creator as well as a chance to understand we are all here to help one another.  Our true self wants to be free and for many of us we have to experience things we do not want to in order to surrender, let go of self-righteousness and have humility.

There is a particular sports person who is being judge by people all across our country.  I understand why people are passing judgment on him because I’ve judged others.  I’m not excusing any thing he has done or saying what he did is okay.  What I have learned is when someone has taken a look at their secrets, judgments and felt their own emotional pain then they will have compassion for another who has acted in ways that go against others and them self.  I am grateful for my teacher who has shown me what having compassion for someone looks like regardless of what one has said or done.  I continue to express compassion as I continue to replace my darkness with light.  We all have to look at our own darkness in order to see our beauty.  The only way I can be a light for others in our dark world is being honest with myself.  Many times I’ve given defenses and excuses as well as been in denial because it wasn’t easy looking at forty plus years of judgments.  Living in a world where there is evil, hatred and judgment isn’t easy although we can all be lights, even this particular sports person.  He can be a light.  The question is, will we let him or will we continue to condemn him and never let him forget.  I’ve learned instead of focusing on someone else I must look at myself.

Our greatest spiritual teachers taught us to look within ourselves.  Looking within myself requires me to look at my beliefs and ask myself why I’ve accepted the belief of being stupid.  I can only know and experience that I’m brilliant and all-knowing if I’m willing to let go of the belief of being stupid.  I am made in the image of the Creator and since the Creator is all knowing than so am I.  If someone could erase all of our judgments and grievances than there would be no reason to learn and no need to have free will.  We hold the power to save ourselves by learning and accepting truths from our great spiritual teachers.



2 thoughts on “Poem ~ We Enter A World

  1. So very true. I was fortunate to have a wonderful, kind, loving mother. My father, the opposite. I’m glad I learned from my mother. We also choose what we accept as true. My mom said I was great, and I believe her. You are pretty special, too.

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