Poem ~ Thought, Feeling, Action

Thought, feeling, action is how my movies begin

My movies are my experiences

My experiences begin with a thought

Thoughts generate my feelings

Feelings prompt my actions

Out of the three movements feelings is the key to living or dying

Feeling brings forth the gift of change

Feelings can make or contribute to the storm

Feelings can make or contribute to the pot of gold

Feelings is the passport before the action

I’ve been living life without recognizing my feelings

I have only been thinking and acting

This has brought me pain and sorrow

I can walk through life like a zombie or

I can dance through life singing praises of freedom

The choice is mine

~Pam Holzknecht

Each of our lives is a story and all of our stories are movies with moving images and pictures.   We can change our movie because we were created with the ability to use our imaginations.  We are creative beings.  We create through our thoughts and feelings.  We have the gift of free will.  Part of my story began with my parents, siblings and family.  In the beginning of my movie, I learned and accepted beliefs and patterns from my parents, siblings, family, peers, strangers and elders because this was all I knew; monkey see, monkey do.  As my story is unfolding, I begin to accept my own beliefs from some of my experiences.  These beliefs, which I accepted for myself, transpired from taking things personally, assuming and judging.

As we grow, the beliefs and patterns that we’ve accepted become our story and at any given moment if we do not like our story, we have the ability to change the movie.  I didn’t realize this until I was in my forties and as I look back on my life, I see why I continued to have some of the same experiences over and over.  My story was playing out like the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray only my scenes looked different each day.  If only I had repeated the exact same scenes perhaps I could have realized much sooner that my thinking and feelings were the cause of why my life appeared to be a struggle.  As I look back, I see how my thoughts and feelings created my experiences.  Here are two examples.

During different times in my life, I remember having thoughts of wanting a son and a daughter after I was married.  I wanted a son first and a daughter second because I wanted my daughter to experience some things I believed I didn’t.  If my daughter had a big brother, he would accept her, stick up for her, adore her, help her and want to be around her.  My son came first and then my daughter although at the time I didn’t realize having a big brother has nothing to do with acceptance, adoration and love.  My daughter couldn’t experience any of these things if I didn’t know how to teach acceptance, adoration and love to my son.  I had my own beliefs to the meanings of these words not the true meaning.

Another time in my life where my thoughts and feelings brought something I believed I wanted was when I was around nineteen or twenty.  I remember telling my mom that I was going to marry a handsome man and go to Hawaii on my honeymoon.  During this same time I was watching the TV series Magnum, p.i. with Tom Selleck.  I was crazzzy about Tom Selleck for many reasons and thought he was handsome and I wanted to go to Hawaii because of the scenery in the show.  Guess what…I married a handsome man and we went to Hawaii on our honeymoon.  This was another piece of evidence how my thoughts and feelings create my movie.  I attracted a handsome husband into my life that had some of the same beliefs I had.  I continue to create the same thing with a husband and two children only my daily picture appeared to look different.

I am grateful to the man I was married to as well as my two adult children for helping me learn about myself.  All the people in our movies including the extras who do not have a main part are helping us while we are physically here to become better beings.  Every being on this planet is an extension of the Creator and if I’m not expressing love, compassion, forgiveness, joy and peace than I must show up differently when the next scene comes along.

If I want my movie to change, I must uncover my beliefs and patterns that are causing my stories to stay the same along with being aware of my thoughts, language and feelings.  If I’m having feelings that come from fear, I have two choices.  I can act from my painful feelings or I can become aware of what I’m thinking and believing so I can tell myself something different in order to experience a new scene.  I’m sure many directors, actors, film crew and producers will tell you that creating a new movie takes a lot of work and isn’t always easy.  You’ll probably have to put in some sweat, laughter and tears especially if you want to change the one your living!


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