Portrait ~ Childlike


I’ve been painting for almost four years.  This is one my most recent, a portrait of my great niece.   After this little one was born, I remember having a thought…another generation in my family that has come to experience this world.  I went to the hospital to see my great niece and the proud parents.  While I was there I was grateful for the opportunity to hold her.  As I held her close to me, I looked at her little body and told her that she is precious.  This little one is two years old today.

With our technology, I’m able to see my niece change and grow more often by looking at pictures on my phone or Facebook.  Sometimes I’d hear the little voice in my head saying, paint a picture of her.  Four months ago my sister took a snapshot of her granddaughter and when I saw the picture I said that’s the one I’m going to use for my painting.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting this portrait of my niece.  She is a reminder to help me remember what I’ve forgotten and that is to be childlike.

I’ve learned so much the past couple of years on how to be a better person, friend, daughter, sister and mother.  As I’m going through my changes, there’ve been times I wish I could do over and though I cannot, I can make a difference now in this moment as well as minutes, hours, days, months and years to come.  I’d like to share some thoughts on being childlike.

Children are full of energy, they live in the moment and they’re ready to explore and learn with their open minds.  Children want to be independent and honest.  Children have an open heart, ready for a hug, a kiss, a smile, a tickle, laughter and eagerly ready to give away what they’ve received.  A child gives unconditionally.  A child enjoys life and easily forgives.  When a child enters preschool or kindergarten, he or she is ready to make friends.  They don’t care what religion their classmates are learning, they only want to be a part of the class.  A child’s natural state is to learn, help, give and express compassion.  A child knows what he or she wants to do when they grow up.  They play with the things they enjoy over and over while using their imaginations.  A child shares their knowledge without any fear.

As we grow, we begin to loose our childlike behavior.  We begin to give with conditions, our minds aren’t as open, our kisses and hugs and smiles are less frequent.  We hesitate to share something we know because of the fear that someone else will take from us and receive the recognition we believe we deserve.  We judge others because of their religious beliefs.  Our hearts close because we choose to hold onto grievances therefore forgiveness and compassion cannot be expressed.  We forgot what we wanted to do as we grew up because fear set in or someone else made decisions for us therefore our job is work instead of play.

There’s a  little child within each of us wanting to be free.  May we remember to be childlike.  We are all precious.


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