Poem ~ Untitled

We aren’t our race or nationality

Nor our disease, addiction or physical physique

We aren’t our car, house or bank account

Nor our education, name or letters beside our name

These things and words limit us

By telling lies of separation

With thoughts of better than, not good enough

Poor, wealthy, or middle class

These thoughts bring feelings of

Jealousy, envy, specialness, rejection

Alienated, wronged and humiliation

These feelings bring acts of hatred

We live a lie from beliefs of others and ourselves

We are the ones who play God

With our judgments of separation

Our world will never change until

I change the world within myself

~Pam Holzknecht


4 thoughts on “Poem ~ Untitled

  1. This poem reminds me of a simple phrase my professor once passed along during a lecture. He said, “Remember, we are human beings. We are not human doings. We are not the sum of what we do, but who we are.”

    Thanks for the reminder tonight.

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