Courage ~ Which Lion Do I Choose?

I see why my poem “What is Courage” came through me.  Sometimes I struggle with wanting to change because I want to be right about my beliefs.  I needed words of truth to read everyday especially when I want to give up.  While I’m physically in this adult body, the poem is a reminder of what the child within me must have to succeed in all areas of my life.  I see we all have a child within us no matter what age we are.  This child missed learning certain things as well as not receiving the nurturing that he or she needed to be emotionally healthy and strong.

When I’m feeling emotional pain, I must have the COURAGE that I  described in my poem and be like Mufasa from my fairytale poem.  Most of my life, I’ve been acting like the cowardly lion, whether the lion is Scar or the lion from the “Wizard Of Oz”, both lions thought their strength came from their mighty roar by scaring and intimidating others.

Simba, which is the child in me, had to learn where his strength came from.  Scar worked his magic on Simba and thought he had succeeded.  As we all know love is more powerful than evil.  Friends came along to help Simba remember that his strength comes from within.

The two lady friends I spoke of in my post…My personal experience as Cruella…are part of my worldly family because they are helping me on my journey as I’m choosing to free myself from beliefs, behaviors and patterns, which keep me tied to Scar and the cowardly lion.  The experiences I’ve had with my two friends are lessons and allowing me the opportunity to practice being courageous as I go forward learning and accepting my newfound truths.  I’m given a choice; I can show up like Scar or I can show up like Mufasa.  My intention is Mufasa and if I’m willing to feel, I’ll now which lion to choose.

Until we meet again….


6 thoughts on “Courage ~ Which Lion Do I Choose?

    1. Our fear comes from the child in our adult body. The aspect of us that didn’t grow and mature. Perhaps this is something we need to nurture and teach ourselves as adults because our parents or other adults didn’t know how because their child within shows up the same way. A wonderful mentor came into my life who has helped me and given me new truths to help me be a parent to my child within. One day I was visiting with someone and they shared a conversation they had with their parents. This person realized their parents behavior was like a child. I responded yes, I understand. We all have a child within, which must be nurtured.

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