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Special Ingredients To Use In All Your Meals

If you’ve read my first post “Some Things About Me” from last year, you may have gathered I’ve been on a personal journey of healing emotionally.  As I’ve mentioned, I’ve learned much such as having an open mind and asking questions instead of being quiet and closed minded.  I’ve come to the conclusion that what I thought to be true isn’t and what I didn’t think was true is; this statement has open my eyes!

I’d like to share a gift with all of you that I’ve been given and received for myself.  The gift I’m about to share may be something you’ve never thought of; I know I never did when I was preparing food for myself, my family, friends and perhaps a guest I didn’t know.  Before I reveal these special ingredients for all your meals, which will enhance their flavors and add more antioxidants (the good stuff) to your body, I’d like to share some information that explains why these ingredients are important.

Everything is energy, this would include my body, thoughts, feelings as well as the food I put in my body.  I’ve learned the importance of being aware of my thoughts and feelings while preparing the food I’m going to eat and or feed and give to others.  Our mindset is as important to maintaining a healthy body, just as the types of food we eat.  Personally for myself, I’m seeing that my mindset is more important while eating my food versus the types of food I eat.  For some of you who know me, that last sentence may have surprised you…lol.  I eat healthy because of what I’ve learned from studies and research done by scientist with certain foods and their benefits.   Although, while I’m here is this body, at times I like to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Have you ever paid attention to your thoughts and feelings when you are about to eat or drink something as well as after you’ve consumed certain foods?  Feeling joy while eating my desert is positive energy versus feeling ashamed and disappointed while having thoughts of guilt is negative energy.  Which type of energy do I want in my body, definitely the positive joyful energy because this energy has an affect on my well-being.  My well-being is every muscle, organ, artery, tissue and cell in my body.  The negative energy of feeling ashamed and disappointed with thoughts of guilt has an affect on every part of my body as well.  The negative energy is going to do the opposite of the positive.  Since my thoughts and feelings are energy, I’ve learned to become aware of what mindset I’m in while preparing food that’s going to nourish my body as well as those I’m giving food to.  I know there was many times I prepared food, fed my family, others and myself in a non-joyful state.  My negative energy had an affect on my body as well as those who ate the food I prepared.  I can remember preparing food and rehashing an argument in my mind or physically arguing with my child or spouse and while arguing there are no positive feelings in my being only negative.  I’m sure at times I’ve felt worried, discouraged, disappointed, dissatisfied, heartbroken and lifeless while preparing food, which is all negative energy.  All these feelings came from thoughts, which were going around and around in my head; it’s as though I’m swimming in a pool of muck.  I can get out of the pool of muck at any given moment by becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings.  I can choose different thoughts therefore have different feelings and by doing this, my energy has changed.  More than ever I realize the importance of prayer before eating a meal.  When we are sincere in blessing and giving thanks for our food, the energy changes.

Some people have mentioned, they’ve prepared the same recipe that someone else has made and the recipe doesn’t taste as good, even when using the same ingredients and following the directions.  One weekend when my mom and step-dad were visiting me, my step-dad shared with me that my food taste so good, it must be the love you put into preparing the food.  I hadn’t shared this gift with him that I’m sharing with you all when he said those words to me.  My step-dad and mom raised me and I didn’t grow up learning the importance of being in a joyful state while preparing and eating food. When I heard those words from my step-dad, I saw the evidence in what I’ve been learning.  Without my step-dad knowing, at that moment he was helping me remember how powerful I am.  We can use our power at any given moment to be in a state of love, which is positive energy that has an affect on all those around us as well as ourselves!  I understand this isn’t always easy because I have my moments.  Learning and accepting a new truth takes practice and time before the new truth is automatic.

Have you ever noticed, when you entered a room the joy you felt left or you wanted to leave?  Have you heard the saying…you could cut the atmosphere with a knife?  This is the same energy, which we physically cannot see and yet has an affect on each of us.  We are all capable of feeling each other’s energy; some people are more in tune with this than others.

Becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings can help us in all areas of our lives.  I’ve learned and I see that whatever is going on inside my mind reflects my outer world and for me this has been one of the most difficult things to accept and change!  I’m having to teach the little child within this strong-willed woman new truths, accept the new truths and practice with the tools I’ve been given in order to begin to see how powerful I am!

Special Ingredients To Use In All Your Meals 

Be present and in the moment (if your thinking, your not present)

Be in a state of joy while preparing and eating your food

Give thanks

Helpful hints in obtaining a joyful state

Listen to music (no woes me music, this use to be some of my favorite…lol)

Think of things you are grateful for

Say affirmations

I recommend this book…”Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel

More to come…


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