“The Impossible”

A beginning of another year…two of my intentions in 2013…I quite giving up on myself as well as the things I want to do.  I began this blog site in the spring of 2012.  I posted twice and stopped.  Today, the quiet little voice in my head said to write and post on how the movie “The Impossible” touched my inner being.  If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t walk…run to the theater and take Kleenex.

This was an incredible true story of survival and a family’s experiences as the 2004 tsunami struck the hotel where they were staying while on vacation.  What’s incredible…is when our true being comes forth to help another whether we know the person or they appear to be a stranger during a disaster.  I’m learning our true being knows no stranger.  After seeing this movie and reflecting back to tragedies like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and most recent the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, our true being comes forth to help one another regardless of race, language one speaks as well as not caring about the person’s past.  Judgment is forgotten for a period of time because our true being does not judge.  Our true being gives unconditionally and expresses compassion.  A disaster can also be a hardship such as a love one physically leaving here, house destroyed in a fire, an accident, a divorce, loosing a job and….  We must be willing to let our true being come forth at all times.

There’s a saying…the Creator will never give you anything you cannot handle.  At times, I question this and I’m learning all my experiences are gifts from the Creator because I’m given the opportunity to see if I’m choosing to live from love or fear.  An experience can be as simple as taking a breathe, cleaning the toilet, looking at a judgment I made toward another or how I reacted by another’s judgment toward me, as well as if I’m choosing to condemn instead of offering help.

I’m grateful for Maria Belon in sharing her story so I can see my true being in action, which is courageous, compassionate, love, and gives unconditionally, possess hope and faith.  Even though I didn’t have the same experience the Belon family did during the tsunami, I received much from my experiences as I watch their story.  One family’s experience can open our eyes to the beauty of our true self.

May we relinquish our darkness of hate, anger, judgments, resentments and guilt this New Year and live from our true beings.  May I see every moment is an experience to learn as well as allowing me the opportunity to choose love over fear.


Until we meet again…


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