Emotional Healing

A continuation from the last post on March 31st

I believe everyone wants to experience joy throughout their day, I know I do.  I now choose to experience joy that last and is free from emotional pain.  I’ve learned joy doesn’t come from giving or doing for others by expecting something back.  When I expect something in return, I’ve learned I’m seeking love and approval.  Many times during my life, I’ve done things for others and expected in return whether it was an acknowledgment or an act.  When I show up like this, the joy is gone and judgment begins.

I’ve learned that peace; joy and love are all the same.  When I am feeling joy, I am feeling peace and love.  Love just is, it’s our natural state.  We all must reawaken to this truth.  Each of us is created from love because our Creator is Love; therefore we are accepted and adored.  I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what the person has said or done, the language one speaks or color of their skin; love is who we are.  Although, I have acted outside of my true self, it doesn’t change the fact that I am love.  When someone shared this with me, I remember thinking is this really true and the more I’ve learned as well as the willingness to uncover thoughts and beliefs that I have about myself, I choose to stand in the law that l am love and so is everyone else.  At times, I struggle letting go of my belief I’m not good enough, it shows up in my judgments towards others and myself and when it does this should be a hallelujah moment for me because it’s an opportunity for me to wake up!  Wake up with gratitude for the experience and choose to see others and myself differently.  Another truth I’ve learned is when I believe I’m not good enough I believe it about others as well as when I judge another for not being good enough, I’m judging myself.  It’s all the same.

Here is one of my poems, which explains what it’s like being in a state of true joy.


Peace is

An empty mind

Freeing yourself and others from past hurts

Letting go of judgments

Seeing everyone as equal

Loving yourself

Praying for those who have condemned you


Love is you and I

Giving to others without expectations

Forgiving yourself and others

Kind acts, words and thoughts


Joy is

A smile, laughter, singing and dancing

Creating and learning

Expressing Peace and Love


Spirit is

A consciousness

You and me

Freeing and always living

Experiencing Peace, Love and Joy


These are Gods gifts to you and I.

Life is having experiences so we may know and feel God.

Then we know and feel our true self.


~Pam Holzknecht


2 thoughts on “Emotional Healing

  1. Pam – it is Kathy from pottery. Your blog is very nice and I enjoyed reading it. It is never easy to open up and we all seem to be continually growing, thank goodness. See you soon. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Pam!
    I liked your blog! And all the good supplements you have on here! I think I want to buy some of the Moxxor!! Hope you are doing well! God Bless!

    Mac Northpark

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